Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

Cracked heels also termed Cracked heels are caused mostly due to carelessness medically as heel fissures. In this condition your heels suffer from flaky skin that can peel and you may also experience itchiness and pain.

The causes of cracked heels include skin disease and health conditions such as athlete’s foot, eczema, diabetic neuropathy, air conditioning, open backed shoes, pressure from standing and dry skin.

Cracked heels are mostly a result of carelessness that results in unhygienic condition of your feet.

You can treat symptoms of cracked heels by cleaning your feet daily and keeping it moisturized. This helps in tackling your problem to good extent and is a positive step to heal cracked heels.

Effective Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

You can use simple, effective, easy to follow and economical natural remedies for cracked heels to get quick relief.

Rubbing onion oil on cracked heels gives relief in itches and rashes that occur in this condition.
A simple cracked heels home remedy is to rub pumice stone on affected part of your heel.
Coconut oil massage is beneficial for cracked heels. Massage before bedtime and rinse with warm water the next morning.
Keep your skin hydrated by drinking ample water and fluids. These aid in maintaining skin softness and avoid cracked heels.
Gently scrub dead skin of your foot with a soft foot scrub. This is among effective home remedies for cracked heels.
You can massage the cracks with lotions, creams or petroleum jelly to get relief.
Extract lemon juice and immerse your feet in it for about five minutes once a week to see positive results. You can also use plain lukewarm water to soak your feet as it loosens the dry skin of your heels and soles. This is an effective natural treatment for cracked heels.
Walk barefoot on tender green grass early in the morning. This natural cracked heels treatment helps bring substantial relief.
Apply aloe vera gel on affected parts as it is one of the best cracked heels natural remedies.
Avoid wearing shoes that are tight, footwear with an open back and also avoid walking barefoot as these are among causes of cracked heels.
Although you will find these remedies useful and beneficial in treating cracked heels, maintaining proper feet hygiene is important. Keep your feet clean by washing it thoroughly, everyday. Also, choose footwear that is soft and comfortable.

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