Home Remedies for Dark Skin

Dark skin can result from Home remedies are available for dark skina high amount of skin pigment melanin, a substance responsible for color of your skin. Causes of dark skin include hyper pigmentation, heredity, skin disorders or a skin tone acquired after exposure to sunrays.

People with dark skin often wish to have a fair skin of a lighter complexion. To achieve this, they resort to measures such as chemical peels, injections and steroids that can possibly render harmful side effects ranging from skin irritation to permanent damage to the skin and other disease.

Hopefully, there are safe and easy dark skin remedies to treat your dark skin, naturally.

Natural Home Remedies for Dark Skin

Try these very simple and easy to follow remedies that can help improving skin tone effectively and also aid you in pursuing natural dark skin treatment.

Mix some oatmeal to curd and tomato juice. Apply this preparation on your face. Let it stay for fifteen minutes. Wash out with plain water.

Make potato slices and place them over your face. Potato has bleaching properties and helps lighten your dark marks.

To reduce tan in an effective manner, try this natural remedy for dark skin. Add some lime juice drops to a little amount of turmeric powder. Make paste and apply on the dark areas of your skin.

Take some curd in a bowl and mix some dried orange peel powder. Apply and keep for about fifteen minutes before you wash with cold water. This is one among the best home remedies for dark skin.

Grind almonds (four to five) soaked in water overnight and make a paste. Apply the paste before bedtime. Wash the paste with water the following morning.
Make a fine paste by grinding some fresh mint leaves. Apply and keep for about ten minutes before rinsing with plain water.

Take two teaspoons of un-boiled milk, lime juice two drops and add to one tablespoon gram flour. Apply this paste and leave for twenty minutes before a wash.

Here is an effective dark skin home remedy to make your skin fairer and remove the tan. To a half tablespoon of almond oil, mix one teaspoon each of honey, milk powder and lemon juice. After making a paste, apply on your face and leave for one hour before washing off with water.

Take a fresh medium sized tomato and grate it. Add three drops of lime juice and apply this on your face. After fifteen minutes, it’s time for a face wash.
Also, as part of treating dark skin naturally, try to avoid frequently going out in sunlight for extended periods. Increase your water intake (about fifteen glassfuls a day) as it helps flush toxins from your body. These natural treatments for dark skin will make you experience skin that has an improved glow.

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