Home Remedies for Dark Underarms

When skin located under You can cure your dark underarms by following simple home remedies your arm pits darken, you get dark underarms. It is a common problem that can occur even as you move your arms which can cause friction between your clothes and underarms. There are many causes of dark underarms such as lack of hygiene, sweating and chafing.

Other reasons include use of shaving products and deodorants that contain chemicals which can react and irritate your skin, causing this condition.

Although your underarms remain hidden from vision, dark underarms can on occasions, lead to a lot of embarrassment. Natural and home remedies aid you in alleviating dark underarms symptoms.

Natural Home Remedies for Dark Underarms

A number of natural options can help you naturally treat dark underarms such as these remedial measures that are quite simple, easy to follow, safe and effective.

Take a lemon and cut into half. Rub into your armpits in circular motions for around ten minutes. Perform this dark underarms home remedy every time you have a bath as it is effective for skin lightening.
One of the natural remedies for dark underarms is to prepare paste using raw milk, gram flour and curd (one tablespoon each). To this paste, add a dash of turmeric powder and dab it on your armpits. Wash armpits when the paste dries.
Cucumber juice is also among beneficial dark underarms natural treatment. Apply cucumber juice to your armpits to lighten and improve the color.
It is best to avoid hair removal lotions and creams that contain harmful chemicals which can damage delicate underarm skin and darken them on long term use.
Use yogurt as dark underarms home remedy to treat the dark color of your armpits. Apply plain yogurt to armpits and leave it for around fifteen minutes before washing with water. Benefit from this remedy every time you bathe.
Paste made from lime juice, coconut water (one tablespoon each) and one pinch of turmeric powder is among effective dark underarms remedies. Apply on dark underarms, let stay for twenty five minutes, wash off with water.
Also, maintain proper hygiene by gently scrubbing your armpits (during a bath) couple of times a week as scrubbing is effective in removing dead skin cells from your armpit on which the bacteria thrive. This health measure aids in treating dark underarms naturally.

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