Home Remedies for Ear Infection


You get ear infection when Boy presses his ear tightly due to tingling effect caused by ear infectionthere is an inflammation in your middle ear. The middle ear is located behind your eardrum. Your ears get infected virus or bacteria enter parts of your ear and cause an infection.

Ear infection symptoms often occur more in children compared to adults. A cold or flu can lead to an ear infection in children, with fever in some cases.

Putting foreign objects into the ear, swimming without plugs and common cold are some of the causes for ear infection.

You should treat ear infection with natural home remedies at the earliest signs as the chances of recovery increase and there is lesser suffering from its discomforts.

Natural Home Remedies for Ear Infection

Simple and effective remedies can help you relieve discomforts associated with ear infection in a safe, effective and economical way and these can also help you treat ear infection naturally.

Onion juice can be used for natural treatment for ear infection. Instill two drops of lukewarm onion juice in the affected ear to get relief from ear infection.
Put some warm rice in a sock and place it over the child’s ear. Remove after about ten minutes. This is an effective natural ear infection home remedy to achieve relief from pain associated with infected ears.
Apply a warm compress to the affected ear for around ten minutes and get substantial relief from ear pain. This is can give you a short term relief from ear infection discomforts.
If there is drainage from the ear, try elevating the mattress by placing something under it. This will help with the draining process and aid in ear infection natural treatment.
If blockage occurs in the inner ear tube (eustachian), make the affected person sip or swallow water as it can facilitate opening of the tube.
Extract one teaspoon mango leaf liquid and warm it up. Put this warm extract into the infected ear one drop at a time to see improvement in the condition.
Beneficial home remedies for ear infection includes instilling three drops of olive oil into both ears.
Putting drops of hydrogen peroxide in affected ear can give satisfactory relief within a short time.
Vitamin C supplement can help boost the immune system and help defend your body against infections. Also, try to increase zinc intake as it has been found to reduce ear infection.

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