Home Remedies for Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmer’s ear, also called otitis externa is an ear infection or inflammation that occurs Home Remedies for Swimmer's Ear relieves its Symptoms like pain, swelling or infectionin the external ear & the ear canal. This condition is caused mainly due to exposure of the ear to excess water.

Causes of swimmer’s ear include bacteria that gain an entry into the ear. Swimmer’s ear happens when the inside of our ear gets moist.  With more of moisture, more likely is the risk of getting swimmer’s ear infection.

Among the first symptoms of swimmer’s ear is itching that develops in the inner ear. This is also a point where infection occurs, that may cause a considerable amount of pain.

Other symptoms to occur are fever, chills, ear drainage or discharge and painful jaw & neck.

You can take help from some of the effective swimmer’s ear home remedies to get substantial relief from associated symptoms of the disease.

Natural Treatment & Home Remedies for Swimmer’s Ear

Remedial measures & natural treatment for swimmer’s ear presented here are simple, easy to follow, economical and safe.

Here are some of the effective remedies for swimmer’s ear:

An effective home remedy for swimmer’s ear is using a warm heating pad or a hot compress placed on the ear to bring about a reduction and relief from pain.
It helps to keep your ears dry with ongoing symptoms of swimmer’s ear. You should also avoid cleaning your ears while you still have an infection. This will aid the healing process.
Swimmer’s ear home remedies also include over the counter medications such as ear drops that can come handy in relieving pain and clearing out the infection. A few drops of virgin olive oil instilled in the affected ears will also work.
If you have inflammation in your ear & experience pain, instill a few drops of garlic oil into the affected ear. This home remedy for swimmer’s ear can help bring true relief.
Water that gains entry into your ears while bathing or swimming is among causes of swimmer’s ear. While swimming or showering, use earplugs to bar entry of water into your ears.
A remedy used to prevent & cure swimmer’s ear is baby oil. Instill a few drops through a dropper or use a baby oil dipped ear bud. Do this prior to and after coming back from a swim

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