Lip Problems

Dry, chapped or cracked lips can affect anyone & are a common issue. Skin on Effective Cracked Lips Cure & Remedies to relieve Dry Lips problemsother parts of your body produce natural oils but lip skin does not. This leaves lip skin unprotected from cold and dry environment.

As a result the lips sometimes get cracked, dry or chapped. Some of the dry lips symptoms are dried, tender, red & rough lip skin, mild pain & sensitivity of the lips.

Exposure to sunlight & cold climate as well as some allergies, infections, medications & dehydration are some of the causes of dry lips.

You can treat these lip problems with useful natural remedies. To get valuable information on dry, cracked & chapped lips home remedies, read on.

Home & Natural Chapped, Dry, Cracked Lips Remedies

Here are real remedial measures to get quick relief from whatever your causes of dry lips. These remedies are safe, effective, easy to follow and economical too.

Here are some of the dry, chapped, cracked lips remedies

A simple home remedy for chapped lips is keeping your body well hydrated. Drink good amounts of water throughout the day as it helps remove dryness of body skin as well as lip skin.
An effective cracked lips cure is to apply lip balm or jelly prior to bedtime. This enables the lips to remain smooth and prevents further cracks.
Steep a few rose petals in un-boiled milk for three hours. Make a paste & apply on dry lips. This remedy is useful for dry lips symptoms and also helps regain natural lip color.
Clarified or simple butter can also be used for treating dry, chapped lips. Dab some clarified or plain butter into your naval before going to sleep. This old home remedy for chapped lips also helps smoothen the lips heal the cracks.
Take a handful of fresh neem leaves & grind them to extract the juice. Apply a thin layer of this juice, an effective cracked lips cure, on your lips.
A useful remedy is to apply aloe vera gel or castor oil on the lips to cure dry and chapped lips.
Avoid tongue licking your dry lips. It may give temporary relief but will make the lips drier. Apply a mix of glycerin & honey on your lips before going to sleep. This will help soften your lips.

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