Natural Home Remedies for Hiccups

Hiccups are the involuntary Eating and drinking in haste are causes for hiccups contractions of your diaphragm muscle. Hiccups pose no threat to your health. Exact causes for hiccups are yet unknown to science.

This is a condition that lasts for a couple of minutes at the most. Infants are more prone to hiccups, but this is normal. Nonetheless, there are rare cases with hiccups lasting for weeks or months on end.

Not much is known about why hiccups occur. Nonetheless, it is a fact that hiccups occur all of a sudden and associated factors are mostly related to intake of liquid or food.

Laughing, coughing or sneezing can also lead to hiccups. There are instances where people get hiccups on drinking alcohol. Pregnant women are more prone to hiccups as they inhale and exhale more air when they breathe.

A sense of tightness in your throat, abdomen and chest are the only hiccup symptoms you are likely to experience. Intensity of hiccups varies from person to person.

Natural Home Remedies for Hiccups

Home remedies are very effective in treating hiccups naturally. These are safe, easy to use and without side effects.

Try taking deep breaths for a minute to get relief from hiccups.
Gargle with plain water. This is an effective home remedy for hiccups.
Put a tablespoon of plain sugar and let it dissolve in your mouth. This is a beneficial natural remedy for hiccups.

Try diverting your mind from the hiccups.

Add two tablespoons of common salt to a cup of yogurt. Consume slowly.
Take half a tablespoon of cardamom powder and boil in two cups of water. Sieve and drink this mixture of water to get relief from hiccups. This remedy treats hiccups naturally.

Crush ice and suck on it, this provides quick relief from hiccups.
Suck on a thumb sized piece of ginger. This is a natural treatment for recurring hiccups.

Consume one teaspoon of peanut butter to stop hiccups quickly. This is among tried and tested home remedies for hiccups.
Mix half tablespoon of mustard seeds and half tablespoon of pure ghee. Swallow this mixture to stop your hiccups.

A very simple and effective hiccup home remedy consists of drinking mouthful of water in short breaks frequently. This method is found useful in breaking hiccups.

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