Padahastasana (Standing Forward Bend Pose)

In Sanskrit language “Pada” stands for foot while “Hasta” stands for hands while Pada & Hasta together means hand to foot. In fact Padahastasana is a third and tenth posture in the sequence while practicing Surya Namaskar. Here we showcase Padahastasana steps for how to do Padahastasana for obtaining positive Padahastasana benefits. While practicing Padahastasana one has to bend in forward direction therefore it is also known as “Standing Forward Bend Pose”. This asana is much helpful to cure ailments related to muscles and skeletal system.

Padahastasana Benefits distend of abdomen, constipation, indigestion & gastric problems

Following are steps for Padahastasana which helps you to gain favorable benefits of Padahastasana.

Padahastasana Steps

Step 1

First of all stand in Tadasana pose then exhale to bend yourself in downward direction.

Step 2

Place legs in straight position and touch your finger tips and if it feels ease then try to touch palms to the ground.

Step 3

Keep your face on legs.

Step 4

Stand in this posture for few seconds.

Step 5

Inhale steadily to get back to initial position.

Step 6

Repeat this practice after relaxing for some time.

Time Duration for Padahastasana

It is suggested that one should practice this asana for few seconds in 5-6 sessions at early stage, later on with increase of its practice time duration can be extended up to one minute.

Advantages of Padahastasana

Padahastasana benefits you for strengthening abdominal organs.
It eliminates possibilities of bloating of abdomen, constipation, indigestion and other gastric problems.
It builds spine more flexible, resilient and straight.
It removes extra fat from abdomen region.
Padahastasana steps are much useful for increasing height.
Disadvantages of Padahastasana

If one suffering from back problems practices this asana then it increases disorder even more.
This asana cannot be practice without any consultancy of doctor or exp

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