Remedies for wheezing

Wheezing occurs as a high pitched whistling sound when you breathe out or exhale Causes of Wheezing can be easily Cure with Remedies for Wheezingthrough your nose or mouth.

The sound of wheezing can also be heard on breathing in or inhaling. Wheezing, a common asthma symptom occurs with inflammation and narrowing of the airways connected to the lungs. This makes flow of air through the lungs more difficult.

Asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, COPD and certain pollen allergies are among causes of wheezing.

You can use effective natural and home remedy for wheezing to get relief from this breathing condition.

Natural and Home Remedies for Wheezing

These remedies are effective, easy to follow, economical and can be used safely whatever may be the causes of wheezing.

Here are some of the effective remedies for wheezing

Use lemon fruit to treat wheezing with asthma. Drink a glass of lemon juice along with meals. This is among useful wheezing home remedies that helps clear the air passage and relieve wheezing.

To relieve symptoms of wheezing, add some eucalyptus oil during steam inhalation. You can also inhale plain water steam.

Anti inflammatory properties of garlic combined with honey & ginger can become effective to treat wheezing. A poultice of turmeric applied on the chest can help bring down wheezing.

A patient suffering from wheezing with asthma should inhale honey fumes as it will make breathing smooth and easier. This can be accomplished by holding a vessel with honey below the nose.

Take a teaspoon of gooseberry powder mixed in a tablespoon of honey every morning. This is a useful tonic & cure for wheezing that occurs following an asthma attack.

Another useful remedy for wheezing is consuming a soup preparation using drumstick leaves. Take the soup daily, once in the morning. Add a handful of drumstick leaves to a glassful of water and boil for five minutes. When the liquid preparation cools down, add a pinch of salt & pepper before consuming.

A beneficial remedy to relieve symptoms of wheezing is intake of jaggery. Consume a spoonful of jaggery to bring down wheezing.

Also, make it a point to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Intake of juice or water with vitamin C supplements is also beneficial.

Breathing obstruction can be relieved with throat lozenges. These measures can prove helpful in aiding & even achieving a sustained cure for wheezing.


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