Ailurophobia Fear of Cats

Ailurophobia is an abnormal fear of cats. The phobic person has knowledge that there is Ailurophobia - Fear of catsno immediate physical threat from cats.

Rather the person’s fear for cats is more psychological emanating from sighting or from thinking about cats.

Know Ailurophobia Symptoms

Similar to other such conditions, the sufferers tend to experience symptoms that also exist in other types of phobias.

Those affected with Ailurophobia get feelings of anxiety from presence or thoughts of cats.

Here is a list for Ailurophobia Symptoms

Shortness of breath
Dry mouth
Panic attacks
Rapid heart rate
Difficulty in thinking or speaking clearly
People experience Ailurophobia symptoms in their own ways. Moreover, symptoms may be intense and the sufferer can experience full blown panic attack.

Ailurophobia Causes for You

As with other phobia types, past traumatic experience with cats can create a protective mechanism in your subconscious mind as a defensive shield to deal with future situations with cats.

However, exact Ailurophobia causes elude science. Nonetheless, it is largely a result of a traumatic experience or frightening event with cats at some point of life.

Those with this phobia have strong negative perceptions associated with cats that are a result of previous trauma.

Such negative associations create irrational thinking in the sufferer who treats any exposure to the feared object, real or imaginary, as a threat.

These perceived threats are mostly a part of the sufferer’s negative imagination and are unwarranted.

Know About Ailurophobia Treatment

A wide variety of options are available to treat Ailurophobia. These primarily involve psychiatrists and those specializing in therapies.

Anti-anxiety medicines can also be prescribed as part of Ailurophobia treatment. Relaxation techniques can help in relieving anxiety associated with the phobia.

Talking with a psychotherapist about your fears in an open way can also help overcome your fear.

A very effective technique to resolve phobias, exposure therapy (a type of behavioral therapy) works through different levels of exposure to the feared object.

This is done in a controlled environment to gradually build confidence and relieve associated anxiety.

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