Chionophobia – Fear of Snow

A phobia associated with the weather, chionophobia causes intense dislike for snow. A Chionophobia Fear of Snowperson affected by chionophobia is said to have a persistent fear of snow.

One of the biggest reasons for this phobia is a fear of getting trapped in snow. People often tend to get anxious following a snowy weather forecast. This can make people run to the markets to stock up essential items.

Know Chionophobia Causes

A number of root causes may actually be responsible for this fear. Most of the chionophobia causes can be associated with traumatic events or painful incidents in the past involving snow (often during childhood).

This phobia may seem trivial to those without this type of fear. A phobic person may have taken a bad hit from a snowball, got trapped in deep snow or have been involved in a sledding accident.

Chionophobia may develop after a car accident caused due to snowy conditions, lead to injuries or fatality. Such an experience may influence many people that snow is dangerous and is best avoided to remain safe.

Identify Chionophobia Symptoms

As it does not snow all year round, many with this phobia think treatment is unnecessary. They often take avoidance measures and think these as sufficient to cope with their snow related fears.

Here are some of the chionophobia symptoms

  • Avoiding snow
  • Feeling of dread
  • Anxiety
  • Screaming
  • Crying
  • Sweating
  • Rapid heart beat
  • Trembling
  • Panic
  • Urge to flee
  • Fainting
  • An individual with chionophobia knows the fear is irrational but has not control over personal fears and as such, is unable to face the feared object.
Chionophobia Treatment

The most important tool in overcoming your fear is to accept the fact you have a phobia and become willing to take curbing measures.

A chionophobe can use the services of a professional therapist to deal with his or her fear. This will entail a gradual confrontation with snow & can involve systematic desensitization as a means to lessen anxiety associated with it.

In addition, as part of chionophobia treatment, the therapist may make use of medicines. This is mostly done in conjunction with therapeutic methods to help phobics manage their fears effectively (by alleviating anxiety symptoms).

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