Health Benefit of Cucumber

The fruit of cucumber is dark or light green in color, elongated in shape, light sweet in Cucumber Benefits includes maintaining blood pressure & promotes hair growthtaste and can grow up to two feet long. It grows on creeping wines supported by frames.

Although ninety percent of cucumber fruit consists of water, the high content of nutrition in cucumber and its many benefits make it a healthy fruit.

Cucumber Facts for You

You can eat cucumber skin, it is edible and healthy to consume.
Calories in cucumber pickles are low compared to other type of pickles.
Cool as a cucumber is a phrase often used due to cucumber nutrients & flesh that have cooling & moist taste.
It is true that you can get healthy cucumber fruit all year round.

Get Cucumber Health Benefit

The cool and pleasant taste of cucumber is also enriched with numerous cucumber benefits that you can get by including it in your daily diet.

Among healthy cucumber facts is the application of the raw fruit to get relief from skin inflammations.
For treating ailments of your teeth & gums eat raw cucumber on a daily basis. Its usefulness in pyorrhea treatment is also noted.
Cucumber benefits include placing cucumber slice on your closed eyelids to sooth them.
For those suffering from condition of ulcers, consuming cucumber juice twice daily can prove to be beneficial.
Combine cucumber juice to lettuce, spinach or carrot juice to promote hair growth.
Eating cucumber fruit benefits those suffering from conditions related to the stomach, chest or lungs.
Consumption of cucumber juice on a daily basis is useful in relieving symptoms of eczema, gout & arthritis.
Extract fresh cucumber juice and consume twice a day to feel relief from acidity, heartburn, gastritis. This is a common cucumber health benefit.
Fresh cucumber juice or raw cucumber consumption daily is said to be beneficial for people with diabetes.
The low amount of calories in cucumber has made it very popular among those on a weight reduction diet.
High & low blood pressure patients benefit from potassium content in cucumber that can help in maintaining normal blood pressure levels.
Get full benefit of erepsin, an enzyme in cucumber which helps your body to easily absorb protein.

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