Health Benefits of Borage (Starflower)

Borage is a health herb with a height of two to three feet. It is used as a vegetable & in Benefits of Borage include its use as fever & bronchitis remedysalads for its cucumber like taste.

The flowers are star shaped with sky blue color and aptly called as starflower. Its stems and leaves are full of bristles.

The borage seeds, flowers, oil & leaves are made use of in culinary, medicine & also in cosmetics.

Borage is rich in mineral content such as copper, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc & manganese. These minerals can aid in fever remedy and to maintain healthy heart rate & normal blood pressure.

The borage is packed with many health benefits but should not be used out of proportion as you may suffer borage side effects including nausea, headache & indigestion.
Get Health Benefits of Borage

The borage herb is a good source of minerals, vitamins & phyto-nutrients that can be used to benefit your health & wellness.

Get useful information about what is borage herb? & it’s many benefits.

The herb is used to boost immunity, healing of wounds & for it anti-viral properties. It is useful for treating common ailments and can also be used as a bronchitis remedy.
The pure form of borage extract is high in vitamin C, a natural anti-oxidant that helps eliminate free radicals from your body.
The tea preparation by using borage is also made use of as a fever remedy.
Borage tea is prescribed by herbalists to help cleanse & detoxify the body system. The tea is a beneficial remedy for depression & melancholy.
The flowers & leaves are helpful as bronchitis remedy, and also act as a remedy for diarrhea.
Benefits of borage herb can be seen in its high level of carotenes & vitamin A compounds that are effective flavonoid anti-oxidants. These act as a shield to protect your body form damaging effects of free radicals.
The borage oil benefits include borage seed oil that contains linolenic acid (omega-6 fatty acid) which can help relieve joint pain & to bolster immunity.
Moreover, borage contains folate, niacin & riboflavin. These components are said to help in body’s metabolism.
Among the many borage oil benefits is its use in maintaining healthy skin by using it as poultice & steam facial.
Appropriate dosage of this herb helps avoid borage side effects.

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