Home Remedies for Blemishes

Blemishes are discoloration Natural cure for blemishes includes fruits, juices and green vegetables in regular diet of areas of your skin. Your skin color is decided by pigment called melanin. Blemishes causes range from stress, hormonal, environmental or dietary changes.

Your skin color can experience excess pigmentation in some areas due to these factors and this can result in blemishes on your skin. Among causes of blemishes is usage of cosmetics which can lead to blockage of skin pores.

Natural Home Remedies for Blemishes

Natural treatment for blemishes can be used to take care of this common skin problem. Whatever the blemishes causes, these natural remedies for blemishes are effective, safe (without side effects) and easy to follow.

Apply fresh potato juice extract and cucumber juice to the affected skin part as it is among effective face blemishes home remedies.
Prepare a combination of tomato and lemon juice and apply daily at night to see good results.
Mash three strawberries and make paste after mixing it in vinegar. Apply this paste and leave overnight to take effect. Apply regularly to achieve cure for blemishes.
A preparation by boiling chamomile and lemon juice in water can be applied directly to help heal blemishes especially for scars due to acne.
A simple blemishes home remedy is to apply sandalwood paste that is prepared by mixing sandalwood powder in water.
Mash boiled carrots and apply on the affected skin, leave it there for twenty minutes before rinsing off with milk. This is among beneficial home remedies for blemishes.
Drink carrot juice daily and make it part of your diet. Long time use of this juice therapy can act as cure for blemishes.
Mash green papaya and apply it twice a day as it is an effective and natural cure for blemishes.
To one table spoon lemon juice and honey add a dash of turmeric. Among effective natural blemishes treatments, apply to the skin daily to reduce blemish marks.
Prepare face mask with gram flour and yoghurt (one teaspoonful each) and one pinch turmeric powder. Apply to your face to soothe pimples and acnes.
Another among natural blemishes remedies that can give good results is to prepare a paste by mixing sandalwood powder with rose water. Apply on the skin to reduce blemishes and improve skin complexion.

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