Home Remedies for Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is the inflammation Redness, pain, pink eye and itching in eyes is indication of conjunctivitis symptom of conjunctiva (the membrane lining the eyelids). The eyes are not vulnerable to infection because they are not sterile. It can be caused due to allergies, viruses, bacteria’s, chemicals or basic health conditions. It is contagious. It is also called ‘pink eyes’.

The most common bacteria causing conjunctivitis symptoms are staphylococcus, pneumococcus and streptococcus. It usually affects both the eyes and it often starts in one eye and spreads to the other leading to blurred vision, pain or itching in the eyes, redness in the eyes, etc.

Causes for conjunctivitis include allergies, exposure to chemicals, fungi, and use of contact lenses or cosmetic drugs.

Effective Home Remedies for Conjunctivitis

Here are some effective and simple natural remedies for conjunctivitis include.

A slice of raw potato can be put on the eyes; it will help you get relief from the pain and inflammation in the eyes.
Take some fennel seeds and then boil them in water, use it as an eye wash. It is an effective way to treat conjunctivitis naturally.
Wash your eyes with the solution of rosewater. It is the simplest natural remedy for conjunctivitis. It helps to soothes and cools down the burning sensation of the eyes.
Put moist chamomile tea bags over your closed eyes for ten minutes, it is one of the best and effective home remedy for conjunctivitis.
Prepare a decoction using dried coriander and a little amount of water. It will act as effective eyewash in getting relief from the painful eyes.
You can also put few drops of honey directly on your eyes or you can prepare a solution of honey and water and can use it as an eye wash.
Drinking vegetable juices have also proved effective conjunctivitis treatments. Take two hundred milliliter of spinach juice and three hundred milliliter of carrot juice, mix them well. Take this juice daily for about ten days.
Make a solution of aloe vera juice in water and dip a piece of clean cloth in it. Apply the cloth over your eyes it will reduce itchiness and pain of the eyes.
Consumption of fresh juicy fruits should be included in your diet to treat conjunctivitis symptom.
Indian gooseberry is one of the proven herbal healing fruit for conjunctivitis. Mix juice of gooseberry with honey, drink the mixture twice a day as part of effective natural home remedies for conjunctivitis.
Mixture of honey and milk can be used as an eye drop or eyewash. Honey has antibacterial properties while milk provides a soothing effect to the eyes.
These are some of the helpful, valuable and simple remedies and natural treatments for conjunctivitis that can aid in relieving pain and inflammation for sore eyes.

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