Home Remedies for Gastritis

Gastritis occurs following Decrease in appetite and vomiting are gastritis symptomsinflammation or swelling of the lining of your stomach. Gastritis can be acute (affect for a brief or short period) or chronic (long lasting). Among main chronic gastritis causes is an infection through the bacteria Helicobacter pylori.

Moreover, irritations brought about by caffeine intake, beverages or through trauma are also responsible for gastritis. Pain in upper abdomen or an upset stomach is the most common symptoms for gastritis. Complications include bleeding in the stomach which can be experienced as black stools or presence of blood in vomit.

Natural Home Remedies for Gastritis

Discomfort or pain following gastritis can be best managed through some effective home remedies.

Chew fresh thumb sized piece of ginger before meals. This helps stimulate digestion and prevent gastritis.
Coconut water is an excellent natural gastritis remedy. Coconut water has alkaline properties that help neutralize excess acids in your stomach.
Consume one teaspoon of Carom seeds by adding one pinch of salt. It is an effective gastritis home remedy.
Mix two hundred milliliter spinach juice with three hundred milliliter of carrot juice. This is rated high among natural gastritis treatments.
Another beneficial remedy for gastritis is hot water bottle compresses on the area of pain twice a day.
Roast fennel seeds taken after meals are effective in imparting relief from gastritis.
Extract half a cup of potato juice and consume fifteen minutes before meals.
Mix asafetida and cumin seeds in tamarind water. It is very beneficial among home remedies for gastritis.
Stir one pinch of asafetida powder in buttermilk and cumin water. It is very beneficial for betting relief from gastritis pain.
Drinking lemon juice twice a day is effective for treating gastritis naturally.
A couple of thumb sized pieces of garlic with seedless dry grapes provides quick relief from the condition.
Also, you can prepare an effective remedy by mixing six parts of Sprague powder with one part of black salt. Stir two grams of this mixture with warm water and consume once in the morning for effective results.

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