home remedies for skin whitening

Some people have discoloration of skin, while others have a tanned skin with a darker Natural Skin Whitening through Skin Whitening Home Remedies is safe & effectivetone. Whatever the reason, people often try to achieve a fair complexion which they perceive will make them appear more attractive.

In order to achieve a lighter skin, home & natural remedies can play an important role as they are safer & more economical than other medical options and scientific methods.

Many over the counter skin whitening products are known to cause harmful side effects to your skin. Spend less on these safe & effective remedies. Experience improvement in your skin tone and give your skin healthy nutrients that make it glow and improve in complexion.

Effective Home Remedies for Skin Whitening

Here are some tried and tested home and natural skin whitening remedies that you can try to get desired results in an easy, safe and effective way. These natural remedies for skin whitening may also prove helpful & aid you in achieving skin whitening cure.

Here are some effective natural & home remedies for skin whitening

This information will also prove useful to a good extent in answering your queries about how to whiten skin naturally.

Gram flour contains natural skin whitening agent. Take two tablespoons gram flour, a pinch of turmeric, lemon juice & milk cream (few drops). Make into a paste & apply on your skin and let it dry.
Leave some almonds to soak in water overnight. The following morning, peel them and make into a paste after adding honey. Apply on your face and let it dry. Wash or scrub gently afterwards. This will help your skin to glow & sport a lighter complexion. This is among effective skin whitening remedies.
To achieve a lighter complexion and a bright & even skin tone, try this skin whitening home remedy. Extract some tomato, cucumber & lemon juice. Add the juice cocktail to some sandalwood powder & make a paste. Apply on your skin and wash off after it dries.
The bleaching properties of potato have made it useful for improving skin tone. Extract potato juice and apply it on your skin regularly everyday to reduce effects of pigmentation & also to take care of skin blemishes. This is among beneficial & effective skin whitening remedies.
Take some orange peels & dry them in the sun. Grind these dried peels to a powdered form. Make a paste by adding raw milk to this powder. Apply the paste on your skin & let it dry. Rinse off with plain water. Continue this measure for a period until you see positive results. It is an effective skin whitening home remedy.

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