Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) also called common wormwood is a relative of sunflower Mugwort Tea made with leaves of Mugwort Herbplant. It is a tall, shrub like plant with purple stems and dark green leaves.

It is also called nagdona, davana in Hindi, leibakngou in Manipuri, dhordavana in Marathi, makkippu in Tamil, makkippuvu, masipatri in Malayalam & nagadana in Bengali.

It has small flowers that possess dark red or yellow petals. One of the mugwort uses include its toxic properties that can help eliminate intestinal worms.

Get Mugwort Benefits

Artemisia vulgaris or mugwort helps regulate as well as stimulate flow of digestive juices. This facilitates healthy digestion and also defends against microbial infection occurring in the intestines.

Here are some healthy mugwort uses

Use of mugwort herb oil has a relaxing & soothing effect on your brain and nervous system.

This gives a feeling of calm and can be used for hysteric & epileptic attacks. Mugwort leaves are used in preparing tea that has many beneficial herbal uses.

Additionally, mugwort benefits include usage of its oil that renders a warming effect on the whole body. This warming effect is useful in countering cold temperatures & moisturized air.

A preparation of mugwort tea can help enhance digestion. This is achieved through stimulating action that aid in gastric juice secretion.

Traditional use of mugwort tea includes its use as a calmative and tonic. It is also used to get relief from muscle and body pain.

The essential oil from mugwort herb is said to be efficient in treating microbial infections & digestive disorders that are caused due to excessive digestive juices.

With diuretic properties, mugwort tea helps increase urination, both in quantity & frequency. This effectively removes fluid wastes from the body such as fat, salts & uric acid.

Mugwort benefits also include its actions that lead to restarting & regularizing blocked menstruations that can possibly be achieved by regular use of mugwort  oil.

Further, artemisia vulgaris oil can be utilized to tackle health issues related to periods including headache, abdominal pains, fatigue & nausea.

Among mugwort uses is its oil that is said to act as a nervine tonic (for nerves). It has been traditionally used in treating nervous afflictions and to strengthen nerves.

Other Benefits: It is used to treat amenorrhea and dysmenorrhoea. It is also used to improve concentration and memory, mixed with essential oils of rosemary and sage.

Mugwort side effects can occur due to its property of uterine stimulant, its use is not recommended in pregnant women & nursing mothers.

This information can be useful in clearing your query about what is mugwort.

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