Zits Home Remedies

Pimples or zits are a type of acne which results when glandular oil gets trapped in skin Zits on Face can be relieved using Home Remedies for Zitspores. A bacterial infection in oil glands that are situated at base of your skin can lead to cause pimple formations.

Hormonal imbalance, stress, constipation & unhealthy foods are among some of the common causes of zits.

These tiny, inflamed, red or yellow raised skin formations are highly visible and can be seen on areas of your body such as the face, chest, shoulders & back.

Pimples, especially on exposed parts of the body such as zits on face can cause concern among people who are sensitive about their personal appearance.

In a bid to get rid of the ugly skin formations, they pinch, prick or even try to pop the pimples. This can lead to cause infection, and further scarring of the skin surface.

Zits Home Remedies & Natural Treatment

Home and natural remedies for zits can come to your rescue. These simple, safe, effective, easy to get & follow remedial options can be prepared and used in the comforts of your home.

Here are some of the effective zits home remedies

Zits can be relieved using ice packs. Rest an ice pack on the zits for at least one minute. Repeat this effective zits home remedy every twenty minutes.
Mix some water to a tablespoon of baking soda powder and dab it on the zits. Once dry, gently wash it off with water.
Dab some toothpaste directly on the pimple or zits on face just before bedtime. You will experience a decrease in inflammation and redness the following morning.
Applying a paste, prepared by mixing turmeric powder & ground neem leaves in water, directly on the zits can also give relief.
A simple zits home remedy is to gently press a cotton ball dabbed in lemon juice against the zits or pimple and keep it that way for about three minutes.
To alleviate your zits symptoms and prevent any infection from happening, apply a minute amount of tea tree oil on affected part.
Remedies for zits include using ripe tomato. Apply ripe tomato pulp directly on the pimples. When the pulp dries, gently rinse with cool water.
Whatever the causes of zits, avoid popping, squeezing or pinching zits as this can infect or scar your skin.

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