Effective Home Remedies For Sweating

Sweating is a natural phenomenon by which our body releases excess fluids in our body, however no matter how essential sweating is for our body, some people suffer from excessive sweating and it often becomes an embarrassing problem.

People who are overweight or suffer from thyroid problems often suffer from excessive sweating. High pressure can also lead to excess sweating. However the best ways to control excessive sweating by some degree is to resort to natural and herbal measures.

Drink Lots Of Water

It is not very easy to regulate the amount of sweat that your body releases. However by drinking generous amounts of water you can help your body detoxify itself. Thus, drink plenty of water to keep adequately hydrated, which should be minimum 3 liters of water each day. If you are a consistent smoker then control your smoking and you will see how your sweating will be reduced.

Include Fresh Tomato In Your Diet

The benefits of tomato are more than you ever knew! Not only does it help prevent some potent diseases but it is also incredibly helpful in controlling excessive sweating. Include fresh tomato juice in your daily diet. Drink a glass of tomato smoothie in the morning and in the evening for great results and to control excessive sweating that often leads to body odor as well.

Use Baby Powder Before You Leave The House

A few changes in your diet and lifestyle can help contain excessive sweating, however at times you may need some quick fixes for your sweating problems. A baby powder is mild on your skin and can help control the sweat as well.

Apply baby powder on folds of the body and even on the scalp and dust it well. Even if your feet sweat a lot dust some foot powder before slipping on your shoes, it will control the sweating and the odor as well.

Include Herbal Tea In Your Daily Diet

Herbal tea is an excellent way of detoxifying your body and staying healthy! So replace that cup of coffee or aerated drinks with a hot cup of herbal or green tea. You can drink tea that contains sage which is a proven way of reducing excessive sweating. The benefits of green tea or herbal tea are manifold and you will see positive results in a few days time.

Lemon For Excess Sweating

Lemon not only beautifies your skin but controls sweating and reduces body odor as well. Make a mixture of fresh lemon juice and baking powder and apply it on the areas that sweat the most, it will help reduce your sweating and also reduce the darkening of your skin that is common for people who sweat too much.

Include Wheatgrass Juice In Your Diet

Wheatgrass is an extremely effective way for reducing sweating. So make sure that you include wheatgrass juice in generous quantities in your diet! Drink a tall glass of wheatgrass juice in the morning and you will see positive results if you religiously follow this regime!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a wonderful remedy for a lot of problems and sweating happens to be one of them. Drinking apple cider vinegar along with organic honey at least twice a day is advised for people who sweat too much and you will get effective results.

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