Natural Treatments For GERD


GERD is an annoying symptom that affects all age groups. It is a very common condition among babies as well. However, it is more common among the older people.

GERD is a condition wherein the gastric juices in the stomach and intestines flow back into the esophageal area causing a lot of distress to the patient like heart burn, severe chest pain, difficulty in breathing, soreness in the throat, breathing difficulty and loss of weight.

GERD in newborns are even more serious as it could lead to malnutrition as well as dehydration and other symptoms which can easily be missed unless the mother is ever so watchful. GERD is not harmless as such because constant acid reflux can lead to a damaged esophagus. GERD can occur during pregnancy due to the pressure on the abdominal walls.

The condition can easily be treated at home with a number of natural cures. These treatment methods are especially good for the elderly and pregnant women who would want to avoid the harmful side effects of chemicals on their body. Most symptoms can be set right and controlled with food control and exercise.

Home Remedies For GERD

Treatment Of GERD With Ginger
Ginger is used as a soothing and healing natural remedy for a number of stomach problems. Take 1” piece of ginger and crush it. Add some honey to this and consume after every meal. Doing this will aid proper digestion and help the stomach acids from exerting pressure on the esophageal region n. Heartburn and chest pain can thus be prevented with this treatment.

Treatment Of GERD With Cumin
An herbal water for prevention of gas in the stomach can be prepared for controlling GERD. When gas is removed from the stomach, GERD too will subside as the stomach has more space for accommodating the gastric juices effectively. Take one tablespoon of cumin seeds and boil it with a litre of water. Drink this water all throughout the day, especially after your meals to prevent GERD attacks and symptoms associated with it.

Treatment Of GERD  With Skimmed Milk
While fatty milk could have an adverse effect on GERD, skimmed milk can be used for treating the symptoms of GERD. Skimmed milk must first be chilled and taken after each meal.
Milk can calm a troubled stomach, especially if you have had very spicy food and are left with a burning sensation inside your stomach. Chilled milk will immediately exert its cooling action on the digestive tract and remove the discomfort.

Treatment Of GERD With Lemon Balm
Sometimes your stomach needs to be calmed too, especially during an attack of GERD. Lemon balm can relax a nervous stomach and relieve the symptoms effectively. Lemon balm can be taken after the meals, especially if you have had a spicy and hot meal.

GERD Can Be Relieved With Orange Peel
Depending on the severity of your symptoms, orange peel capsules can be taken 3-4 times a week to subside the symptoms associated with GERD. Orange peel has 20 times more antioxidants than what is present in orange and can do a wonderful job in healing a burning stomach.

Treatment Of GERD With Coconut
  • This wonderful nut can be used for a host of illnesses including GERD.  When you are harrowed by GERD symptoms like heart burn and chest pain, the cooling properties of coconut water can be used for imparting a healing action in your digestive tract.
  • Take coconut water every few hours until the symptoms recede. Alternately, you may add one tablespoon of pure coconut oil to one cup of water and consume this water slowly in the event of a GERD attack. This will calm down the acid reflux effectively.
Spices For Treatment Of GERD
Chewing cloves can reduce the discomfort and heartburn when you have a GERD attack. Chew a few cloves after your meals or when you want some relief from heartburn.

Treatment Of GERD With Almonds
A few almonds every day can do a lot of good for patients suffering from GERD. Almonds help in calming the acidic attack inside the stomach and providing relief in a few minutes.
Consume almonds every day to keep away from these annoying symptoms.

Herbal Tea For Treatment Of GERD
Certain soothing and relaxing herbal teas can help GERD victims abundantly. Chamomile tea is the number one in this list.  After you have your meals, chamomile tea can be taken to prevent the symptoms from appearing.

Aloe Vera For Treatment Of GERD
Frequent GERD attacks can damage the walls of the esophagus. Gastric juices are acidic and long term exposure to the can burn the esophagus and damage them beyond control. Take pure aloe Vera juice internally to cure the burns and revive the esophageal walls back to its normal state. Aloe vera can be consumed every day to prevent damage and GERD attacks with its cooling action.

Acidophilus For Treatment Of GERD
When the acid- base balance in the digestive tract is disturbed a GERD attack is imminent. Therefore maintaining the Ph balance is of utmost importance for preventing GERD. Probiotics can prevent GERD with their acidophilus bacteria. These good bacteria successfully remove the bad bacteria from the stomach and prevent GERD attacks due to excess bacteria in the stomach.

Treatment Of GERD With Apple Cider Vinegar
Dilute one teaspoon apple cider vinegar with a cup of water and consume after meals to prevent GERD attacks and also heal the burnt walls of the esophagus. Apple cider vinegar is a healing and curing agent for a number of ailments.

Diet Control For Treatment Of GERD
Certain foods are known to aggravate the condition of GERD. These are food that is spicy, fried foods, acidic foods, carbonated beverages, citrus fruits, chocolates etc. These foods can be avoided, especially 3-4 hours before you go to sleep. Food must also be consumed in smaller quantities to prevent flare ups. Acidic substances must also be avoided on empty stomach which will aggravate the condition.

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