Signs And Symptoms of Kidney Infections

The kidney infection is common in men and women. There are chances of infection even during the various pregnancy stages. They affect the women more than the men because of the shorter length of the urethra. There are lots of risks for women during the sexual intercourse, since the bacteria starts from the vagina and passes on to the urethra. In the recent survey, the experts have proved that nearly 10% of pregnant women are usually affected by the kidney infections. These germs pass easily if the urine passage is slow.

The following symptoms are common in these infections

  • Cold
  • Fever
  • Unsettled Stomach
  • Tiredness
  • Vomiting
  • Burning Sensation With Urination
  • Pain In The Kidney
  • Dehydration
  • Fast Heart Rate
  • Once you come across all or any of these symptoms, we should take doctor's consultation. Only then, we can find the germ type and the right treatment for that. In the beginning, they will suggest you to try some of the home remedies and antibiotics. If it is severe, then the other medical therapies are necessary. Another common kidney disease is kidney stones which are normally caused by the infection in the urinary tracts. An uncircumcised male or the structural abnormality of the urinary tract will lead these infections even for the children. The bacteria like Escherichia coli, proteus, staphylococcus saprophyticus, pseudomonas, klebsiella and enteroccus can enter even through the skin and gastrointestinal tract.
  • The tests mentioned will help you to find the kidney infection. The first test is a urinalysis. 
  • The urine samples tested to find the strain and amount of bacteria.
  • Macroscopic - to show the cloudy urine
  • Microscopic - the existence of the white blood cells in the urine. Nearly 100000 bacteria are present in one sample which proves the infection
  • CT scan, X-rays, ultrasounds of the abdomen and pelvis are necessary in the crucial cases
  • The improved technologies have helped us to find the exact bacterium and the treatment necessary to cure the kidney infections.
  • The doctors will suggest the following treatments to do after completing the tests and exams
  • Trimethoprim
  • Sulfamethoxazole
  • Quinolones
  • Levofloxacin
  • Cephalosporins
  • Newer generation penicillin
  • Nitrofurantoin
  • Apart from the medical therapies, it is always better to go with the home remedies which will not lead you to any pain or side effects.
  • Drink plenty of water, more than the usual
  • Avoid alcohols, caffeine and soft drinks
  • Drink lot of fresh juice extracts
  • Cranberry and nuts will help you
  • Empty the bladder often
  • Don't use excess salt and fat foods

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