6 Home Remedies For Knee Pain

Knee pain is a very common problem faced by all of us during old age. However, the condition has become widely prevalent among the young as well, thanks to bad eating habits, lack of exercise and obesity. The knees are stressed beyond their capacity and finally get damaged in such a way that the only relief comes with a surgical insertion of a knee cap.
Why wait for a surgical intervention when there are thousands of home remedies that can easily take care of the problem at the beginning stage itself and prevent pain and damage? Discussed here are a few methods that can be adopted for treating knee pain in the very comfort of your home.

1. Oil Massage
An oil massage to the knees takes care of a number of things. Sometimes the dryness of the knees can cause friction between the bones which causes knee pain. Oil massaging the knees will help the oil to get absorbed through the skin and moisturise the knees, thereby easing the friction. Oil massage also helps in improving the circulation of the blood in the knees. Good blood circulation will immediately relieve swelling and pain. For massaging the knees, you can use coconut oil or olive oil after warming it. Massage every day for 15 minutes before going to sleep. Do this once in the morning as well.

2. Use Bracing
This is a good way to provide support for a knee that is injured and that has to take additional weight and stress. Braces or elastic wraps keep the knees compressed tightly under them so that there is less chance of injury when the knee has to support excess pressure. You can also use a simple bandage cloth to wind around the knee just to give it some support while doing strenuous activities.

3. Manage The Swelling
When the swelling in the knee starts aggravating and pain starts getting beyond bearable, you must first think of reducing the swelling before doing anything else. For this the knees need rest and proper blood supply. Keep the knees elevated by putting pillows underneath your knees. Remember to leave them higher up than the level of your heart to prevent blood pooling. Now you can apply an ice pack by covering some ice cubes in a piece of cloth and wrapping them around the knee. Doing these two things will immediately relieve you from the pain and slowly the swelling too starts to subside.

4. Exercise
A strong knee will never have any problems of wear and tear whatsoever. This is where the importance of exercise comes into play. Exercises that concentrate on improving the leg and thigh muscles will help in developing a strong knee as well. The strong muscles of the leg will prevent friction between the joints and damage to the knee cap. A simple exercise you can do to build up your thigh muscles is to tighten and release your thigh muscles while sitting or lying down. This will soon develop the quadriceps muscles and help in alleviating and keeping the knees strong and healthy, free from pain.

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