Best Remedies For Anxiety

There are many people who suffer from the problem of anxiety in their life. Anxiety disorder is often accompanied with symptoms like irritation, restlessness, poor concentration, and impatience.

A few people also face problems like muscle tension, jaw pain, fatigue, bloating, indigestion, headache, chest tightness, and impatience due to anxiety. It is very important for an individual to get thorough check up from the doctor to determine if these symptoms are associated with anxiety disorder.

There are several natural remedies for anxiety, which can be of great help. In this article, we shall throw light on a few effective anxiety treatment options.

7 Best Remedies for Anxiety


There are several herbs which can help in treating anxiety in a successful way.

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A tea or decoction made with herbs like thyme, chamomile, lime flowers, and lavender would help in getting rid of anxiety in an effective manner.

Kava Kava

Drinking the decoction made of ground roots of kava kava herb and water would help in dealing with anxiety disorder amazingly.

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You would be able to feel cool and calm after drinking this herbal decoction.


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Drinking a mix of nutmeg, honey, and orange juice is a successful home remedy for anxiety.


Having full body massage would work wonders with respect to getting rid of anxiety.

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You would find great level of relief from every daystress and tension, and would be able to enjoy a sound sleep at night with the help of full body massage. Even a ten to fifteen minutes scalp message would be of immense help in providing relief from stress and anxiety.

Fish oil

Fish is enriched with omega 3 fatty acids, which help in reducing depression and anxiety in an effective way.
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Therefore, anxiety sufferers should definitely consume fish oil in regular diet. Eating fish twice or thrice in a week would help in naturally providing the required fish oil to your body.

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Eating orange or drinking orange juice is a very good treatment for anxiety.


A mixture made by blending together overnight soaked and peeled almonds, warm milk, nutmeg, and ginger powder should be drunk every night to attain relief from anxiety and stress.

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  • Apart from the above discussed natural products that should be included in the diet to get rid of anxiety, it is also important to avoid certain food products which cause anxiety. A few such foods consist of onions, pepper, spicy foods, and fried foods. These foods may trigger anxiety.
  • Further, it is very crucial for an individual suffering from anxiety to share his or her emotions and feelings with the person closest to him or her. This would help in coming out of the stressful situation in a successful way, hence helping in getting rid of anxiety and stress.
  • This is one of the best solutions for anxiety treatment. Doing reverse counting from twenty to one might also help in treating anxiety attack. Another successful anxiety treatment is to take a bath with warm water. This is one of the best ways to lift up the spirits of an individual and treat anxiety.

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