Botanophobia – Fear of Plants

An abnormal and persistent dread of plants is known as botanophobia. Plants are Botanophobia Symptomsbeneficial and viewed so by most of us. They are mostly pleasant looking but some plants look sinister & harmful to people, especially with this phobia

Often, people with fear of plants have some knowledge about harmful properties of plants. Some plants have herbal properties and are used to prepare medicines, while others can be used to render harm.

Surfaces of a number of plants are known to cause rashes, such as poison ivy. An incident causing physical or mental harm that involves plants can make one develop this phobia.

Know Botanophobia Causes

As with most phobias a traumatic event or frightening incident in the past can be a valid cause for this fear. People, who fear plants for any reason, may show increased reluctance to go nature camping or on field walks.

They have a fear of exposing themselves to the risk of harm in the form of rashes or poisoning. A botanophobe has had some bad experience in the past involving rash causing or harmful plants.

It can also be a learned phobia. A phobic person may know someone who fears plants and may permeate the phobia in self. Stories that depict plants devouring human beings can also be among botanophobia causes.

Identify Botanophobia Symptoms

People with botanophobia may refrain from going outdoors where they have no control over the environment. In addition, they often avoid places with heavy growths such as forests & gardens.

They may become increasingly wary even of plants that have a semblance of varieties they consider to be harmful, especially poisonous plants.

Here are some of the botanophobia symptoms
  • Panic
  • Fast breathing
  • Rapid pulse
  • Nervousness
  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Trembling
  • Shaking
  • Those with severe form of this phobia may flee the fear of object, plants in this case, or in rare cases even faint.

Botanophobia Treatment

Behavior therapy is an effective treatment that involves pointing out trigger points and then making the patient unlearn the negative reactions via a step by step program.

The botanophobe comes to term with controlling himself in vicinity of plants. Through such botanophobia treatment, an affected person learns to isolate feelings of emotional or physical harm linked with plants. Also, medications can also be utilized along with therapy.

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