Glossophobia Fear of Speaking in Public

Glossophobia is extreme fear of speaking in public. People suffering from this phobia can Glossophobia - Fear of speaking in publicfreeze before an audience or even before a few people. It is one of the most common types of phobia you can suffer from.

Know Glossophobia Causes

There can be several causes that can lead to this condition. A traumatic event in the past that may not necessarily be linked to public performance can result in an individual to become glossophobic.

It has also been observed that people suffering from social phobias also tend to develop other illnesses & conditions such as depression as well as other anxiety disorders.

This can be due to glossophobia causes that render intense feelings of isolation which are known to develop over time in the sufferer.

Indentify Your Glossophobia Symptoms

The mere thought of speaking in front of an audience can trigger symptoms which can actually develop into a full blown anxiety attack in severe cases.

Symptoms of glossophobia are of three types, namely – physical, verbal & non-verbal.

Here are Some Glossophobia Symptoms

Intense anxiety before speaking to a group of people that can occur even at the thought of having to deliver a verbal presentation before small group
Avoiding events that focus attention of a group on self especially if it involves speaking before them
A feeling of distress, panic or nausea in such situations
Glossophobia Treatment

You may find that glossophobia can be self limiting, but with a bit of self determination and treatment you can overcome your fear.

The first and foremost step that can work best in your interest is to find a supportive therapist you trust and whom you can talk to about your phobia.

Once you have met with success and have arrested most of your fear, you can consider joining a group that promotes speaking activity.

These groups help you attain various levels of public speaking skills. This is accomplished through repetition & constructive tips from others in the group.

Such glossophobia treatment helps build your confidence and ability to speak before an audience. The result is a further reduction in your anxiety in related situations.

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