Hair Loss In Women Causes And Symptoms

It becomes really difficult for the female gender to cope up with the situation of hair loss or baldness. This is considered as a very authentic case to deal with. Women tend to be more sensitive, so, it becomes extra problematic for them to handle it. They need to be dealt with care and tenderness. And when they face comments on their personalities, then it is not easy for them to take on. 

Here is some useful piece of knowledge about hair loss in women:

Symptoms of Hair Loss

In the initial stage, as many as 50-100 hair shed in a day, thereafter its level increases from 300-500. There occurs a patchy skin on the scalp and at times there can be severe hair loss from other parts of the body too. Baldness is a symptom that is mostly found in aging women. When the case, which is normal, goes awry then the results are not that easy to miss.

What Causes this Hair Loss
  • Stress is the major factor that causes hair loss in women. They are very delicate, so, it is quite   easy for them to get into the trap of stress. Also, they can't handle tight and extreme pressure like environment. Thus, their internal body becomes weak leading to excessive hair loss.
  • Hereditary and genetic inheritance is another reason due to which women get this hair problem. They can get it from any side of their parents.
  • Harsh hair treatment like using dyes, chemical shampoos, straighteners, hair coloring, hair tightening, twisting, curling, heavy hair styles, rude brushing style can also cause hair damage.
  • Some women experience hair loss during their menstrual cycle or seasonally. 
  • Various problems of unbalanced menses and severe blood loss also lead to this  problem.
  • Changes also occur during their tough phases like- child birth, miscarriage, abortion, infertility, surgical operation, problems while conceiving, menopause etc.
  • Physical or psychological illness can also be the cause. Aging is another reason which we can add to this as women face many discomforts when they are growing old.
  • Immune system irregularities and thyroid imbalance is also a main factor for hair loss. As it creates obesity, so, it is highly prone like condition.
  • Unbalanced diet or nutritional habits also play the role of culprit. Even crash diet or consumption of junk food is a major factor.
  • Women even experience “male pattern” baldness. It secretes dihydrotestosterone(DHT). This substance increases hair loss.
  • Poor hair care regime and dandruff problem.

First of all, try to avoid stressful environment and strain-related tasks. It is good  to follow a particular diet to cut down the nutritious reasons. Scalp surgery or hair transplantation methods are beneficial. But you need to take many precautions with it. Regular walk, exercise, and yoga, meditation are really fruitful. Also, keep a check on what you are applying on your hair.

Its quite necessary for women to maintain their emotional balance and setbacks. However, women are very sensitive, so, they need to take extra care. They should also take precautions during childbirth etc. Hair loss due to poor eating structure can be recovered by a little attention from your side.

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