Health Benefit of Bitter Gourd

Is also called bitter melon and is known by the Latin name of momordica charantia.Use of Bitter Gourd in Diabetes works as insulin & cleansing of blood

It is bitter in taste and has been used for health problems since ancient times for its medicinal properties.

Bitter melon is an effective appetizer, laxative, prevents fever, improves digestive process and is useful in countering toxic effects.

Juice extracted from this gourd is effective in treating blood disorders and is used as a preventive medicine for infectious disease such as leprosy.

Health & Bitter Gourd in Diabetes

A bitter melon benefit includes cleansing of your blood from harmful toxins and relief from jaundice symptoms with the same cleansing mechanism.

Effective use of bitter gourd in diabetes has been around since ancient times and its use as a plant insulin is well established in Asian herbal medicines.

A hypoglycemic compound found in bitter melon helps lower sugar levels and improves your body’s tolerance to glucose.

This compound speeds up insulin production from the pancreas because of a significant increase in beta cells. It accomplishes this task without increasing glucose levels in your body.

Health Benefit of Bitter Gourd for You
  • Bitter gourd extract is effective in treating blood disorders such as blood boils and itching.
  • Two teaspoons bitter gourd leaf extract and white onion juice mixed with one teaspoon of lime juice is effective in treating of early stages of cholera.
  • Consumption of bitter gourd juice on a daily basis has proven to enhance energy and stamina.
  • Health benefit of bitter gourd includes improving eyesight and alleviating eye related problems as it contains high amount of beta-carotene.
  • Daily intake of this bitter juice improves respiratory conditions including asthma and bronchitis.
  • A bitter gourd benefit is its property to heal piles faster. Use paste from roots of bitter melon plant and apply directly over the piles.
  • Drinking bitter juice extracted from gourd is known to relieve psoriasis condition and fungal infections such as athlete’s foot and ringworm.
  • Bitter melon juice is beneficial for treating hangover due to its alcohol intoxication properties.  Health benefit of bitter melon includes cleansing, repairing and nourishing your liver after alcohol consumption.
  • The juice of bitter gourd helps build your immune system that leads to an increase in your body’s defense power against infections.
  • The above bitter gourd benefit can prove more effective if bitter gourd extract is taken on an empty stomach.

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