Health Benefits of Mulethi (Licorice Root)

Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) also known as mulethi (Hindi) in India, is a part of the Licorice Root Benefits can be achieved as a cough remedylicorice plant that grows about four feet tall and has purplish flowers. It thrives in well drained soil with a lot of sun.

Licorice root and as such licorice root sticks are said to be fifty times sweeter than sugar because of a compound glycyrrhizin, contained in the roots.

Licorice can be used as a cough remedy as it helps ease congestion & coughing. It accomplishes this by loosening & thinning mucus blocking your airways.

An overdose or misappropriate use of this herb can give you licorice root side effects such as breathing difficulty, headache & stomach ache.

Get Licorice Root Benefits

You can greatly benefit from the different uses of licorice in treating various ailments and disease.

The herb mulethi can lessen symptoms related to fibromyalgia by increasing cortisol activity.
Unlike artificial medicines that can have undesired side effects, a preparation of licorice root tea can be consumed as an effective natural antacid.
Licorice root extract can be used to treat stomach ulcer. It stimulates your body’s defenses & helps prevent ulcer formation.
Alternatively you can suck on licorice root sticks to get the same benefits when faced with the problem of high stomach acidity.
Mulethi (licorice) is also said to aid in weight control treatment. This is due to the stomach acid controlling properties of licorice.
To root out respiratory problems, a long time intake of licorice root tea is said to be beneficial as it contains anti-allergic compounds that aid in treating respiratory disorders.
Licorice root benefits include its tonic that helps your body to combat hay fever due to its content of compounds that have anti-allergic properties.
Licorice benefits also include its use as a cough remedy as it contains a chemical compound that has cough suppressing properties.
Mulethi can effectively lower levels of acid in your stomach, help in relieving heartburn & indigestion. It can also be safely used to act as a natural mild laxative.
The information about what is licorice root will help you become aware & take better advantage of the herbs healthy benefits.

Using this herb under an herbalist’s advice can save you from licorice root side effects and reap its benefits to the full.

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