Home Remedies For Bed Sores

Bed sores or pressures sores are ulcerous formations on the skin that are formed when there is more than usual pressure on certain areas of the body. Bed sores are mostly formed on those people who are rendered immobile due to some diseased condition of the body.

The  sores appear on those parts of their body where they always exert pressure due to sitting or lying down without changing positions. Bed sores can turn life threatening if ignored as lack of blood circulation can result in death of tissues and infections which can even lead to removal of body parts.

Therefore, it is important to treat the sores at the initial stage itself and prevent its advancement. Below are some home remedies for treating bed sores.

Vitamin E
When you are bedridden and the bed sores have started appearing, start applying vitamin E oil on the body, especially the areas that are more prone to bed sores and where the pressure is exerted more such as the bony parts of the body, buttocks, hips, ankles, elbows and head.

Massage gently so that the blood circulation increases in these areas and prevents the sores from appearing and also for curing the sores that are in their rudimentary stage. Do this two times a day until you are out of bed.

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is a healing and reviving agent. For healing the bed sores and preventing the skin from getting damaged and scarred, take fresh aloe gel from the stalk and apply on the sores and areas that could be prone to get sores. Invest some time in massaging the area as well so that the aloe gel is absorbed into the skin, while the blood circulation is improved.

Move Your Body
Though some people cannot do this due to their paralytic conditions, for those who can do it, it is very important to rotate the body as much as possible. Keep moving it whichever way that is possible, even if the movements are limited.
You can take the help from near and dear ones to move around in case you are handicapped or cannot move. Changing the position of sitting and lying down frequently will help in healing the sores faster and preventing the sores from appearing as well.

Apply Herbs
Natural herbs can accelerate the healing process of bed sores and also help in preventing secondary infections on the skin. Herbs like turmeric, goldenseal, witch hazel, comfrey and myrrh can be made into a paste and spread on the open sores for expediting the healing process.

A good antibacterial soap and clean water can be used for wiping the areas that are prone to bed sores. This will help in preventing bacterial action on these areas.
For areas already affected by bed sores, you can also use a saline solution to remove the dead skin cells and infected tissues that can spread the bacteria to other areas of the body. After cleaning the bed sores, keep them well dressed after sprinkling a herbal antiseptic powder or a herbal ointment to prevent spread of bacteria.

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