Home Remedies To Cure Obesity

  • Excessive storage of fats in the body is referred to obesity. An obese person may fall in any age criteria and gender. Consuming too much of food and living a lazy lifestyle makes a person obese. Obesity today is a matter of concern as majority of the population fall under the belt of obesity. Children and teens are more likely affected as they are addicted to junk food, computer and video games. Being over weight and being obese are two different things. When a person is over weight he has gained extra kilos against his height and weight, while in obesity fat is stored in the adipose tissue making the tissue fat. This affects and harms the ankles, hips, knees, heart, liver and kidney. It also leads to high blood pressure.
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Overeating
  • Genetic factors
  • Thyroid problems
  • Low metabolism
  • Lethargic lifestyle
Home remedies to cure obesity
Cabbage is very beneficial to cure obesity.
Include grapes, figs, peaches

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  • guavas, French beans and jackfruit in your daily diet.
  • To reduce weight eat one tomato every morning for about 2-3 months. Eat tomato first thing in the morning even before breakfast.
  • Have papaya for dinner for about 4-5 weeks to lessen your weight.
  • Have plenty of water. Warm water taken after meals will prove to be beneficial. Make sure you have a glass of water whenever you feel hunger, by doing so your craving for food will reduce.
  • Add mint leaves in your salads. Mint leaves help in loosing weight. You can chew some raw mint leaves as well.
  • Honey has many health benefits, one of which is weight reduction. In a warm glass of water add about ten grams of honey, mix well and drink this daily. This is a very easy and quick remedy to cure obesity.
  • Chewing on curry leaves (8-9 approx) for a couple of months will be fruitful. This is a natural home remedy to cure obesity.
  • Have green tea to reduce weight. You can also have ginger tea as ginger is good for food digestion and will avoid constipation as well.
  • Have a bowl of vegetable soup daily. To reduce more weight have it every day for dinner for few months. Vegetable soups are healthy ad filling as well.
  • To burn fat make sure you consume spices like black pepper and cinnamon in your food. This is a very useful remedy to reduce weight.
  • One of the most easy and quick cures is to drink lemon juice daily. Add lemon juice (2-3 teaspoons approx) in water and drink one glass full. Remember that you don’t have to add sugar to it.
  • Having a glass full of carrot juice will be helpful in reducing your obesity.
  • To control your food cravings or overeating habits, boil few lemon slices and add ginger slices in it. Once it cools down have this water to cure obesity.
  • An easy and effective home remedy is to soak Indian plum leaves in water. Soak it overnight and next day first thing in the morning drink this water. This will help in weight reduction.
  • Having trifala will also be beneficial.
  • Make sure you never skip your meals. Staying hunger or starving will only worsen your situation. Have at least five short meals. This will make a big difference in your weight.
  • Exercising is very important. Make sure you exercise daily for at least an hour. Hit the gym or walk in your neighborhood park. It is vey essential to burn the calories; you can also try aerobics, jogging or even yoga.

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