Little Pimples On Arms

Acne is the most common skin ailment, which is not only unsightly but painful also. The worst thing about this skin ailment is it can pop up on any part of the body which includes some unusual areas such as buttocks, scalp, eyelids, lip and tongue. Hence, many people have acne outbreaks on the face, while some people have acne on legs and arms. Although pimples on back of the arms or other areas of arm which are not clearly visible. It is a challenging task for many sufferers to treat this condition. Before knowing how to get rid of acne on arms, first let us know what exactly causes little pimples on arms.

Little Pimples on Arms – Causes:

The location of acne is helpful for predicting the usual factors which cause acne. For example, pimples on tongue are something to do with the consumption of allergenic foods. Similarly, facial acne is because of secretion of excessive oil by sebaceous glands and blocks the skin pores. Some dermatologists say that dry skin can be the probable cause of acne. Dry skin is caused by the skin debris which gets accumulated in tiny ducts. If left untreated the skin debris can form lumps and pimples on arms.

Another cause of acne on arms is the fluctuations in hormone levels. This is especially applicable to women who have acne breakouts on arms after childbirth. Sudden changes in the levels of hormones can influence the hypersensitivity of sweat glands, thereby increases the chances of developing acne. Additionally, hereditary factors and deficiency of vitamin D can also be the causes of pimples and acne on arms. These symptoms are not that serious, but they must be treated to get flawless and smooth skin.

Pimples on Arms – Treatment:

As far as the treatment for acne on arms is considered, many people observe improvement in the skin after following a proper skin care regime. You must consider a regular skin exfoliation using a natural product and loofah. This helps in removing dead skin cells which got deposited in the tiny ducts. Apply a thick moisturizer on the afflicted areas before going to bed and after exfoliation. This helps to nourishing and softening the skin. Here are some useful remedies and tips to get rid of acne on arms.

Do not scratch or prick the afflicted area. They may cause skin soreness and can also have an unsightly skin ailment and slows down the healing process.
Avoid wearing clothes with tight fitting sleeves which can cause irritation to the pimples. Also, make sure that you keep the long hair away from acne prone skin.
  • As we already discussed, dry skin can increase the risk of acne breakouts. It is must to keep the skin hydrated for getting of acne on the arms.
  • In the cases of popped pimples and sore spots, it is better to apply an over the counter antibacterial cream or ointment on the pimples. You must follow the directions mentioned in the leaflet of the ointment.
  • If the arm acne is caused because of vitamin D deficiency, exposure the skin to the morning skin for a few minutes. This helps to reduce acne breakouts. However, it is must to avoid over exposure to sunlight and tanning to control acne.
  • To treat arm pimples, you can use baking soda as a body scrub when you bath. You must apply some baking soda on the afflicted areas and gently rub it using a body scrubber.
  • Another best treatment for acne breakouts is baking soda paste. Take a small amount of baking soda in a bowl and add water until you make a thick paste. Apply this paste on the pimples, two times a day.
  • Use an antibacterial soap for regular cleaning and bathing purposes. This helps in preventing skin infections caused by bacteria and other symptoms.
  • Hence, these are some simple tips on treating little pimples on arms. If pimples appear during pregnancy, they disappear slowly as the body retains normal hormone levels. It is always best to keep the afflicted area moisturized and clean for promoting healing process. If you follow the above mentioned home remedies for acne, you will observe skin improvement in a couple of weeks.

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