Natural Remedies For Treating Anemia

How many of you believe that conventional medicine has its limitations and often does more harm than good? The human body frequently does not get as much vital nutrients as it needs for daily functioning. That is why we tend to rely heavily on supplements.
Anemia is characterized by low levels of hemoglobin present in the blood stream. Loss of blood, underlying illnesses and iron deficiency are some of the reasons behind anemia. Pale skin, fatigue, insomnia and stomach disorders are some of the symptoms associated with this condition. Most grandmas the world over will tell you that iron tonics are all very well but the best natural remedies for treating anemia are the ones you get off your kitchen shelf.

Dried Fruit
Figs, raisins, dates, apricots, cranberries and prunes are good sources of iron as well as other nutrients that are beneficial for the body. Eat a handful of dried fruit mixed with a few nuts like almonds , pistachios and walnuts to give your immunity and blood levels a boost. Not only that, you feel a lot less tired during the day since dried fruit and nuts increase energy levels. Keep a bag of trail mix handy if you find it tedious storing everything separately.

Meat And Fish
Red meat such as liver, beef and other food like pork, chicken, turkey, oysters and fish are known to be fortified with iron. A diet low in meat and fish often results in anemia. Weight watchers often shy away from eating red meat as it helps pile on the pounds. In the name of dieting and fitness,  lots of nutritious and important food is omitted from our daily meals, which in turn causes deficiencies in the body. Eating small quantities of any food group will do you more good than avoiding them altogether.

Vegetables, Pulses And Whole Grain
  • If you’re a strict vegan and meat, poultry and sea food are an absolute no-no, you must look for ways to supplement that in your diet. It is said that vegans need double the amount of iron than those who eat meat. So what are the foods suitable for a vegan who is anemic?
  • Green leafy vegetables like spinach, oriental greens, kale and lettuce are particularly rich sources of iron and folate. Eat generous helpings of this along with portions of wheat germ, brown rice, oats, fortified cereals and bread, tofu, soy beans (in the form of soy meal or soy milk), kidney beans, chickpeas, black eyed peas, as well as other vegetables like broccoli, beets, green beans and peas.

Other Sources Of Iron
Dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt and cottage cheese also provide some amount of iron for the body. In some countries, people cook food in utensils made of iron. Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds in small quantities are also recommended. Black currants, elderberry, purple passion fruit, mulberries, natal plums, sapodilla and tamarind can be consumed to treat anemia.
All the above recommendations are fairly safe unless you have any underlying illnesses in which case, it is always better to consult a physician first.

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