Natural Remedies for White Tongue

You might be one of those people who have developed white buildup on your tongue, and you do not know how it came about, or how to deal with it. A number of factors can cause a white tongue to appear, and they include:
a) Dehydration. This can be due to lack of taking water or taking caffeinated drinks that dehydrate the body.
b) Thrush. It is a fungal disease caused by the overgrowth of the Candida organism on the tongue. Long use of antibiotics also causes it.
c) Body pH imbalance. This is so in carb addict where the body's pH becomes acidic leading to white film on the tongue.
d) Chronic diseases such as liver failure, renal failure may cause a white tongue.

The Natural remedies for a white tongue are as follows:
Drinking at least eight glasses of water daily ensures that the body is hydrated. Therefore, this means that the tongue does not become dry and no inflammations occur on the surface of the tongue. When one is dehydrated, food particles stick to the tongue forming a white coating on the tongue. Drinking a lot of water ensures that this is avoided.

Dental Health
This is the most important remedy for a white tongue, which is characteristic of the white stuff on your tongue. Dental hygiene ensures that no bacteria's can form a coating on the tongue. Brushing, scraping and flossing helps achieve this. The food particles, which would cause the white coating on the tongue, are removed when person brushes or scraps their tongue. The Sulfur causing compounds that cause halitosis also do not build up.
A person should brush their mouth at least twice a day. When brushing, the toothbrush should reach all corners of the mouth and the gums. This helps remove the bacteria found in the mouth. Using a scraper, the tongue should be scraped
The following steps are followed when scraping the tongue in order to remove white buildup on your tongue:

  • Take the two ends of the tongue scraper on both hands
  • Stick your tongue out
  • Reach the arch of the tongue scraper to the back of the tongue
  • Scrape forward several times at the same time rinsing the white mucous off the scraper between several scrapings
  • Once done, rinse the mouth
  • Once done with brushing and scraping, the person should floss. Flossing helps get the bacteria in between the teeth that brushing and scraping could not reach.

Avoid or reduce sugar in the diet
Since Candida feeds on sugar, avoiding sugary foods such as sweets and candy can starve the compounds that cause the thrush. Without the sugar, the thrush and the white buildup on your tongue cannot survive, and it eventually dies.
Credit : Tiffany M. Banks
Natural Remedies for White Tongue

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