Some Effective Home Remedies

Cholera is an infectious disease which holds its origin from a bacterium that significantly affects and imbalances the water absorption level in the small intestine. In some of the extreme cases it tends to produce the tendency of diarrhea and therefore it can cause a significant amount of loss of fluids. It is highly hazardous in case of children and therefore even the developing countries are having some severe cases of it and that too in a good number. If the loss of fluids is not monitored then it can produce some fatal outcomes within a time span of 24 hours. The treatment of this problem is quite simple and just by a dedicated intake of essential substances can heal you in good time. You need to have a right combination of salts as well as water. You also need to maintain proper sanitary as well as hygiene conditions in order to avoid this disease from spreading to others or reaching you.

Prominent Cause -cholera
The key cause of this disease is the bacteria named as Vibrio Cholerae which spreads through contaminated food content or via water droplets.

Some effective home remedies
  • One of the best methods is to always go for boiled 
  •  water. Boiled water kills 99 percent of all the germs and virus that are capable of causing this infection. All you need to do is to boil water for about 2 minutes and thereby allow it to cool.
  • You should pasteurize the milk properly before drinking it as milk is one of the key elements through which this disease usually spreads.
  • You can also grind about 2 or 3 onions and along with it take some grinded pepper. Make a fine paste out of this and then consume on regular basis in order to get a proper relief out of this problem.
  • Cook food in a proper hygienic manner as if you use inapt oils or water then it can be highly dangerous for you.
  • Some microorganisms can sustain life over a long period of time and even in high as well as low temperatures therefore you should refrain from food cooked outside home.
  • You should also refrain from shellfish as well as sea fish.
  • You should also avoid raw vegetables as these are also sometimes effective carriers of this disease causing agent.
  • You should prepare a solution that can replace the lessening of fluids in your body. For this purpose all you need to do is to take a liter of lucid boiled water and then mix in it about 8 teaspoons sugar. You can even go for honey or preferably brown sugar. You can thereafter add about 2 table spoons of salt and then consume this blend as much as you can.
  • The juice of orange as well as lemonade is rich in Vitamin C and is considered as one of the most effective remedies that can quickly heal you from this problem.

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