Soothe Your Baby’s Diaper Rash With 6 Home Remedies

Diaper rash is a very common occurrence among all babies. It is most commonly caused due to irritation of the skin due to the rough surface of the diaper. However, sometimes, diaper rashes can also be due to yeast infections caused by candida due to the moist surface of the skin.  Most mothers worry over these rashes on the soft skin of their babies.
However, many of them are unaware that a few simple treatments at home can very well take care of this condition and also help in preventing further such episodes. Here are some great and well known remedies that mothers like you have tried and tasted success with their babies.

Treatment With Yoghurt
Apply fresh yoghurt with live cultures on the affected skin after cooling it to room temperature. Leave it on for some time and leave the baby without diapers in the mornings until the rashes are completely cured.
If necessary, go for a cotton diaper that you can change frequently as and when the baby urinates. But make sure that the skin is always kept dry and fresh yoghurt is applied every few hours and allowed to dry until the rashes are well taken care of.

Lanolin And Calendula Cream
While wearing the diaper, your baby can be given a protective coat of calendula oil and lanolin cream which will prevent the moisture from affecting the skin and keep the skin free from infections. Mix lanolin and calendula oil and smear on the baby’s butt before wearing the diaper. Calendula is an antiseptic and will protect the skin from yeast and bacteria.

Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe vera is a healing agent and heals the rashes fast and also prevents further occurrence by protecting the skin and keeping it dry. Aloe vera can be applied as often as required and also before the baby wears the diaper. Make sure that you use pure aloe vera gel and not a cream from the market which can have chemicals as well.

Oatmeal Bath
An oatmeal bath will nourish the baby’s skin with vitam
in E which is also a healing and skin rejuvenating agent. Vitamin E helps in removing yeast infections as well. Mix half a cup of oatmeal along with the water used for bathing the baby. Soak him in this water for 10-15 minutes and wipe him dry thoroughly.

Cornstarch Powder
Keeping the baby dry is the best way to prevent diaper rash. For this cornstarch can be used as it can absorb moisture and keep the baby’s skin dry. Use cornstarch powder on the areas affected and leave it on even when you wear a diaper for him. Apply corn starch frequently to prevent moisture on the skin.

Plain flour can be used for treating diaper rash. For this, take a cup of plain flour in a pan and heat it in low flame. Stir continuously until it becomes hot and turn brown without burning. Transfer the contents to a glass bowl. This flour can be used for dusting the area affected before you tie a diaper for the baby. This will keep the baby’s bottom clear from diaper rashes and keep his skin dry as well.

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