Treat Insomnia With 10 Natural Remedies

  • Insomniacs are way too common than you assume. When you have difficulty in sleeping for days together, you know that you have insomnia. Sleeplessness or insomnia can be a very difficult problem to deal with, especially when it can lead to other problems and disasters.
  • The symptoms of insomnia are varied and in varying degrees as well. Most often patients find it very difficult to fall asleep. Once they manage to fall asleep, they have difficulty in retaining their sleep. Most insomnia patients have short sleep and wake up at the middle of the night. Constant lack of sleep will lead to problems in concentration, irritability, loss of memory, headaches and lack of coordination.

What Causes Insomnia?
There are many reasons why people can get insomnia. The most common reason is continuous stress. When a person encounters stressful situations every day, they ponder over these issues without sleeping. Extreme jealousy and enmity towards others too can sometimes cause insomnia as these too are stressful situations when you are trying to bottle up all your emotions.
Insomnia can also be caused when you stimulate your nerves too much. This can be drinking coffee before sleeping, drinking alcohol, smoking etc. Luckily, a number of natural cures can be adopted in order to cure insomnia. These natural cures help you remove the causes for insomnia and induce great sleep.

Natural Treatments For Insomnia
Lettuce Seeds For Treating Insomnia
Insomniacs can now use lettuce seeds for treating their sleep disorders. Lettuce contains a substance that helps in improving your sleep patterns. This substance lectucarium acts almost like a sedative and help in falling asleep.

For making a decoction out of lettuce seeds, take a tablespoon of the seeds and boil these along with ½ litre of water. Just before you are off to sleep, drink this water every day. In a week’s time you will feel a lot of difference in your condition. Continue the treatment until your symptoms completely vanish.

Vitamin B
Vitamin B helps in maintaining the health of nerves and remove sleep related disorders like insomnia.  Deficiency of vitamin B can lead to nerve problems which can tamper with your sleep.  In case if you have a deficiency of vitamin B, take supplements which will help in removing the symptoms of insomnia. Food that is rich in vitamin B can also be consumed during this time to prevent attacks of insomnia.

A very common remedy that we have heard our grandmother’s suggest it to many, drinking a glass of warm milk can put you to sleep. Milk helps in relaxing the nerves and muscles in our body which will in turn relieve stress and insomnia. Before heading off to sleep, take a glass of warm milk. Milk can also be used for massaging on the sole of the feet before you sleep. This too will induce sleep when you have insomnia.

A little hard to believe that cool curd can induce sleep. For insomnia, take some thick curd in your fingers and massage it into your scalp. Wash off after 10 minutes. This can be done before you sleep. Since curd cools your head, it’s better to avoid this remedy if you are prone to cough and cold. Include curd in your diet as well.

Taking honey too seems to have a good effect on insomnia. Before sleeping, a tablespoon of honey can be taken with one glass of water.

Treat Insomnia With 10 Natural Remedies
Honey can help in calming the nerves and inducing sleep. Take honey with a glass of milk if you want to enjoy the double benefits of milk as well as honey.

Bottle Gourd And Sesame Oil
Sesame oil and bottle guard juice can be mixed together for making a massage oil for the head. Massage this oil into the scalp for 15 minutes every day and wash off. Spending a few minutes every day for this massage treatment will help you remove insomnia from your life completely.

Aniseeds are strong enough to help you gain sound sleep and prevent occurrences of insomnia. Take one teaspoon of aniseeds and boil it in two cups of water. Steep for 15 minutes and drink it before sleep.

Perhaps the most effective home remedy that you can do to stop insomnia is exercise.  Exercising will help you control stress which is a major cause for insomnia. Along with that, physical exhaustion too caused by exercise can help you get better sleep. For people suffering from insomnia, light exercise before heading to sleep will help in gaining better sleep. Exercise can be undertaken on a daily basis to control the episodes of insomnia.

Meditation plays an important role in controlling the mind and the body and helping you get better sleep in the long run. Before sleep, meditation techniques like relaxing your mind through relieving thoughts that are stressful will help in attaining sound sleep.
Certain yoga postures too are good for sleep. Practice yoga under a registered practitioner to heal your mind and body and provide good general health and sleep.

The diet of an insomniac must not contain any stimulants like coffee, especially a few hours before your sleep, these foods must be avoided. A diet low in sugary foods, refined flour and salt is the best for insomniacs.

Herbal Teas
  • A number of herbal teas can relax the nerves and mind and impart sleep in insomniacs. Chamomile tea can be used for reducing stress and anxiety that are factors that lead to insomnia. Lavender tea helps in calming the mind and hence can be taken when you have stress that can lead to insomnia.
  • A tea made of chrysanthemum is said to cure insomnia which is related to liver problems. It reduces hyperactivity in the liver which causes insomnia. Valerian too is a herb that can be used for treating insomnia. Valerian tea or capsules are available for consumption.
  • Before heading off to sleep, you can use chamomile tea bags for a herbal bath.  Take 4-5 chamomile tea bags and boil it along with some water. Fill the tub with water and add this water too along with that. Soak yourself for half an hour before sleeping.

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