Treat Scars With 8 Splendid Remedies

  • Scars are unpredictable. Anyone can get them anytime in their lives. It can be just a light scar which disappears in a few months or a deep scar like stretch marks which can trouble you for life. A scar can be caused due to many reasons. Acne formations can cause a lot of scarring in the face. This kind of scars is the most common, especially in women.
  • Other reasons that can cause a scar are surgeries, deep wounds, accidents, pregnancy etc. Many people fret over scar formations as they believe that scars are for keeps and cannot be treated until they go for some expensive treatments and surgical methods that can take care of scars considerably.
  • Scars can be treated almost completely if you start tending to them when they are new. This will prevent the skin from getting permanently damaged and help them revive completely without causing the skin to harden and pull, causing scarring.
  • The natural substances used for treatment of scars are entirely safe and do not cause any irritation and damage to your skin. On the contrary, they rejuvenate your skin and restore its lost texture and glow, helping you recover from the trauma completely.

Natural Ways For Scar Treatment
While you use natural methods as your treatment option, do not be fooled into believing that they are instant solutions to your scars. Natural methods take time to be effective. But even if they are slow, they are surely effective.

Lemon Juice
One of the most popular home remedies employed for treating scars, lemon juice works by exfoliating the skin from outside and lightening it so that the top layers of blemished skin is made thin with every application and finally a lighter and more beautiful skin is revealed from beneath.

Take a lemon and slice it into half. Rub all over your face, especially the areas that are scarred. Leave if for 20 minutes and wash off. Do this every day and in a month you will see that your scars have lightened considerably.

Aloe  Vera
The healing and skin rejuvenating and reviving properties of aloe vera has been used for generations to treat a multitude of skin ailments and beauty problems. Even scars that are older can be lightened to a great extent with the application of aloe vera diligently every day.
Take a stalk of aloe plant and cut it to extract the gel. Mix it with a few drops of water to make it more consistent and apply it on the areas of the skin that has been scarred. This can be done while the scar is new so that the healing effect of aloe will heal the wound as well and prevent damage to the collagen tissues.

Olive Oil
The use of olive oil for removing scars has helped many a woman reduce and lighten their scars post pregnancy. Keeping the skin well hydrated is very important for preventing scars and retaining its elasticity. Olive oil can keep the skin soft and supple, lubricating the collagen tissues and giving them strength for stretching without breaking.

Treat Scars With 8 Splendid Remedies
Take olive oil in your palm and massage on the skin. The massaging has to be continued every day for fifteen minutes. Deep scars will start getting flattened in the process and will also become light with time. Keeping the scarred skin moisturised will also allow it to become plump and reduce the appearance of scars.

Vitamin E
Application of vitamin E will help in regaining the lost elasticity and collagen damage to a certain extent. Apply vitamin E on the affected area and massage in circular motion for fifteen minutes every day. Vitamin E will revive the dry skin and make it plump, reducing the appearance of scars, especially stretch marks which look much better without the wrinkles formed when the skin is dry.
Treatment with vitamin E can be done as soon as the wound heals so that scars do not go deep. For scars like stretch marks, application of vitamin E when the skin starts showing red streaks will reverse the damage. Vitamin E can be applied from the fourth month of pregnancy and massaged during pregnancy in order to avoid stretch mark formations.

For scars that are caused by acne, honey can be applied when the acne is still raw. Application of honey will heal the acne and also help in keeping the skin well moisturised and prevent scar formations. For lightening the scars that are already formed, take honey and massage gently on the area. Do this every day and the severity of the scar will be reduced greatl
Application of glycerine is good for healing open wounds that can lead to scars.  Glycerine accelerates the healing process, all the while protecting the collagen fibres, retaining their elasticity and reducing the formation of keloids. Apply glycerine on the wound two times a day to keep it from dryness.

Yoghurt And Lemon Juice
Mix lemon juice and yoghurt and apply on the face every day. Apart from the cleansing action of yoghurt, lemon and yoghurt also act as exfoliating agents and help in removing the damaged outer skin and bring out the fresh and beautiful inner layer from underneath.
Apply this mask every day until you are much satisfied with the outcome. Remember to move in a circular motion while you apply and leave it on until it dries. Scrub it off afterwards. This would have helped your blood circulation too to improve.

Cocoa Butter
Cocoa butter is one of the best remedies for scars, especially stretch marks which are so difficult to remove once they appear. Use cocoa butter for massaging the skin every day if you are prone to getting stretch marks. For scars, massage the skin in circular motion for 15-20 minutes every day. Cocoa butter will absorb into the skin and leave it well moisturised.

Useful Tips
While treating the scars, it is also important to add a diet that is rich in vitamin E, vitamin C, omega 3 fatty acids and fresh fruits and vegetables. This will speed up the healing process and keep the skin healthy as well.

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  1. Please, please do not put lemon juice on your skin. It will ruin your skin.


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