Ways To Remove Cellulite At Home

Cellulite affects the young as well as the old alike. The general belief is that cellulite affects only people who are obese. But the truth is that even women who are thin are sometimes faced with cellulite. When a person gets cellulite, the skin dimples and becomes bumpy and uneven. They mostly appear on the buttocks, stomach ,thighs, legs and hands.

When the fat and fluid get deposited under the skin, the skin starts dimpling due to the pressure exerted by the fatty layers resulting in cellulite. It would be very surprising for those under various treatment methods for cellulite to learn that cellulite can be treated naturally. If you are already excited about this revelation, let me waste no time in introducing you to the methods that can be adopted for best results.

1. Brush Treatment

For this treatment, all you need is a good quality body brush. Identify the areas of cellulite first. For buttocks and back of the thighs, you might need assistance from someone else. Take the brush and using gentle strokes, move the brush in long horizontal strokes. Continue for 2 minutes in long strokes.  Doing this every day will revel smoother skin with less cellulite formation.

2. Bristle Treatment

Take a brush with bristles. This can be a little more firm brush with harder bristles. Now, hold close to the skin and press on the areas of cellulite formation. Move the brush in circles while you press. You can use a body or face massager for this purpose where fitted brushes rotate when you switch it on. Brush for 2 minutes every day to melt the fat deposit underneath. In time the skin will become smooth and the dimples will be gone.

3. Massage Creams

Cellulite massage creams are another option that can be tried for removing cellulite. These creams penetrate the skin and loosen the fat with massage. The fat that is thus loosened will be removed from the body throughout natural metabolic process. Apply the cream on the cellulite and massage in circular motions or as directed on the cream bottle.  Massaging makes the body hot and the firm movements melt the fat deposits under the skin.

4. Coffee

Grind coffee to form a powder. You can use coffee that is already ground as well for this purpose. Apply some ground coffee on the area of cellulite and rub for 3-4 minutes. Doing this daily before you head for a bath will ensure that your skin is effectively removed of all the cellulite and becomes very smooth and silky to touch.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a great treatment for removing cellulite. It breaks the fat deposits under the skin and prevents skin dimpling and puckering with constant application. Take a quarter cup of massage oil for this purpose and mix three quarter cup of apple cider vinegar along with it. This mixture can be used for massaging the skin laden with cellulite.  The application of massage oil along with apple cider vinegar is to help in greater absorption of vinegar into the skin for melting the fat.

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